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Shanghai Longfeng do not focus to Shanghai and Shanghai dragon dragon

is the second, focus search engine marketing, rather than flow. The point above about Shanghai Longfeng focus on "content" and "chain", in fact, this is one-sided, we can only use, but not lose direction, and deviate from the purpose of Shanghai dragon. A variety of open network promotion websites even Witkey website, the transaction information chain release software, buy the chain how hot, we can easily see many webmaster of the site outside the chain of the pursuit of Shanghai dragon has come to a very crazy degree. For >

to the present, especially people in Shanghai love inside search Shanghai Longfeng relevant keywords, from time to time what the Shanghai Longfeng exchange group, Shanghai Longfeng classic tutorial, a few days to learn Shanghai dragon and so on related content, personally think that the fundamental reason is that too many people on the Shanghai dragon amplification. Many of the company’s Web site can see clearly the Shanghai dragon traces, such as keyword accumulation, the content of the reason is that the wide of the mark, or the company website in the search engine to find the competition more and more, so he began wantonly Shanghai dragon. Some of the relatively large size of the site, simply looking for professional web promotion company to optimize, or set up their own group Shanghai dragon big strength optimization. read more

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Google ranking factors twelve trans factors four

seventh, UGC Links: Google can be identified from UGC (user generated content) the link with the actual owners of the website links. For example, they know the link with the xxxx.wordpress贵族宝贝 official WordPress贵族宝贝 blog贵族宝贝 the link on the very different. UGC Chinese translation for user generated content, here can be understood as a private blog.

second, the chain appeared together in different sites: what is the page content to identify these around you outside the chain of words will often help you better baby aristocratic links to the.

fourth links from the real good, real good means that people are actually very dedicated in operation, there are real visitors, good content, corresponding to the stand are those stations and free blog blog, many of these blogs are purely in order to increase the chain of content garbage, no visitors. read more

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